Frequently Asked Questions

Your loved one may need a skilled nursing stay if they:

  • Cannot take care of themselves due to a physical, emotional or mental problem
  • Bathing, eating and other personal needs become hard for the individual to take care of
  • Require more time and attention than a caregiver can provide
  • Might wander away if not supervised
  • Upon being discharged from the hospital, require temporary skilled nursing care before returning home
  • Are being recommended to be placed in a nursing center by a doctor

Skilled Care is often needed for:

  • Transitional care following a hospital stay
  • Physician-recommended inpatient rehabilitation before returning home
  • Rapidly declining health
  • Persistent or non-healing wounds
  • Stroke recovery
  • Joint replacement therapy
  • Respiratory care
  • Diabetic management
  • Other acute medical conditions

The best way to know if a community is right for your loved one is to visit it. That’s where we can help. Call us directly at (817) 410-7300 and we’ll help schedule a tour so can enjoy the peace of mind that comes by seeing a center’s services firsthand.

We are prepared to help you sort through all available service payment solutions. Whether it’s through Medicaid, Medicare or another program, our staff is prepared to explore your options and help you take full advantage of your plan’s benefits.

Each case is individually evaluated and is often dependent on bed availability. Having a roommate often helps a new resident adjust to the facility; however, we’re understanding of each resident’s circumstances and work to accommodate as much as possible.

If there are no restrictions set by local authorities, you’re able to visit your loved one as regularly as you’d like.

Every patient’s road to recovery is uniquely based on his or her care plan and therapy progress. The average length of stay in a skilled nursing facility is between three and four weeks, dependent on the resident’s condition. We also offer long-term care if and when needed.


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